Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Home

I actually got in Saturday, but that day was such the day from hell that it's taken me this long to recover!

My grandfather is all right for now. I spent as much time with him as I could before I left and leaving was so difficult. During 2 of my 3 plane rides on Saturday, I cried like a baby. I'll keep you in the know simply because it affects every aspect of my life, including my writing.

When I landed back in Austin, my ride forgot to pick me up on time! My stepbrother got carried away with his yardwork and lost track of time. Oh, and it gets better. As I drove home from his house (I'd left my stepdad's car there so stepbrother could run it every few days), the battery light came on while I was on the highway and I could barely move the steering wheel. Needless to say I was a basketcase, called my stepbrother who came out to meet me, waited for Triple A and then drove me home. I had expected to get in the door about 3:30. It was 7:45.

Onto better things! On Wednesday my computer guru friend and I are going to get started on my website. I'm so excited! So even amidst my family drama, good things keep happening. I'll keep you updated on this as well.

I got my score sheets back from the Inland Valley RWA for my double final and WOW! Talk about comments to keep me going! I guess I must be doing something right to get praise like this. Thank you, judges!

Fractured Paradise
One judge said-"Definitely wanted to get to know them better", "Love how the location jumped out at me"
Another judge said- the hook very much drew her into the story, she loved the characters, said "resounding yes!" to question would she buy this based on the first 10 pages. She also said this excellent story had a delightful sense of humor!

To Catch a Falling Star
One judge said-finely honed sense of humor, "I think I would (buy it) unless it's going to make me hungry" (It's about a chef)
Another judge said- "The interaction between Heather and Malcolm was fun to watch."

Have you ever gotten comments from a contest judge that brought the light back into your world?


Kelly said...

Hope your grandfather continues to do well! Sorry about the car / pick up problems.

As for judges' comments, I got my scoresheets back from the preliminary round in the Windy City Contest and one of the judge's said if the book hadn't been entered in a contest she would have thought it was written by a successful, multi-published author. I'm thinking of having that framed and put on my wall. :-)

Lexi said...

Wow, Kelly, I'd DEFINITELY have it framed! You should put it up somewhere you can see it when you start to wonder why you put yourself through all this aggravation.