Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scotland For Comfort

This is how I know my Scottish contemporaries are the right manuscripts for me. We're having some medical drama right now with my 88-year-old grandfather. Circumstances have my mom & stepdad with him and me home alone. I thought to work on my suspense to keep my mind busy, but I haven't touched that manuscript yet. I keep thinking about it, but that's as far as I get. Instead, what am I doing? Having a cup of tea (yes, even in the heat of summer without air conditioning), listening to a British comedy on TV and working on my contemps. I guess my fictional village is more of a comfort for me than I first imagined.


Kelly said...

Hope you're granddad is okay. And I drink tea in the heat of summer too, and yup, my family hails originally from Scotland. Must be something in the gene pool that can't be bred out.

Lexi said...

He's okay for now, Kelly. It's been a very emotional week. Thanks.