Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coming Up For Air

We've spent a lot of time meeting and working on our classrooms this past week. I've been working on lesson plans and finalizing ideas for how I intend to change things up.

Writing has been pretty much non-existent. I think I wrote 2 1/2 pages somewhere between last Wednesday and yesterday. I'm working on my personal schedule and plan to jump back into the writing. Even with the current family drama (more in a minute on that), I still have every intention of finishing TCAFS by next Sunday.

Current drama: On Friday, I got a call in the middle of lesson planning that my stepbrother who just had his 41st birthday was in the hospital with numbness along his arm. I went to see him and then to babysit the kids (5 & 7) so my (step)sister-in-law could stay with him. He came home yesterday afternoon. One of my other stepbrothers drove in from Houston yesterday morning with his wife to help out. I stayed another night and came home this morning. After pulling myself together, I went back to work to get everything set up for school tomorrow morning. The doctors say he had a mini-stroke. At 41. Thank God it only affected him a little. After the numbness in his arm Friday, he had no symptoms and he's feeling fine now. But talk about a wake-up call.


Kelly said...

Wow - sorry to hear about your stepbrother but I'm glad it wasn't worse. Hope he recovers fast!

Lexi said...

Kelly, he's all right now. He went back to work today and made an appt with his primary doc. Yes, it could've been a lot worse.