Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Morning...???

Hello! Here it is 5:50 A. M. and I'm up and functioning. I don't understand it. Usually I'm miserable if I'm up this early unless I'm going on vacation. Why am I up, you wonder? I had to run someone to the airport for an early flight. So rather than go home, I came to work early with the intention of getting some serious work done. Of course, I figured I've got plenty of time for that since I don't have to be "at work" until 7:30 so naturally I thought to blog hop and post here and listen to music (Queen's A Kind of Magic---kinda the unofficial soundtrack for the original Highlander movie)....Is it me or am I babbling? Maybe I haven't had enough caffeine?

Well, anyway. I intend to get some work done for school while I'm here early. And maybe I'll get started on my 300 words for the day. Other than that I really don't have anything exciting to tell you. I just wanted to post something. (You know, to put off the "real work" I'm supposed to be doing.)

Oh, wait! My friend Emily McKay has a new book coming out next month called Baby on the Billionaire's Doorstep. She put together a You Tube trailer. It's pretty cute and the book sounds AWESOME! She writes for Silhouette Desire. (If you ever get a chance to get your hands on her books you should read them! Especially Perfectly Saucy! That's my FAVORITE of Emily's books!)

And then on the other end of the writing spectrum, there's Laura Griffin. She is a new suspense writer and she's awesome too! I read her first book, One Last Breath, and did a review for it on last fall. Her second book, One Wrong Step, comes out next month as well. She sent me a copy of the new one so I can read it and put up another review. I'm so psyched!

So it looks like I've got some work to do. Not counting the "day job" work. I've got my manuscript to work on, my new manuscript ideas to explore, my 300 words a day. Plus I've got to get back to Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas because it's a great book (and I want to review it for her) and because I've got those two other pieces of magic to read and review as well. With so much talent in the group, I'm so lucky to be a part of Austin RWA!

Okay, it's after 6 now. I'm feeling guilty for being in the classroom and not doing school work. So here I go.

(P.S. I'll update the Lenten charity amount for you tonight!)

Lenten Charity Total: $13.80 (and only a few more days to go!)

Later still: Grumble, grumble. $14.10...and that doesn't include the swear words my hero uttered when the villains tried to kidnap the heroine and kill him! Those words, after all, are artistic!

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