Thursday, March 20, 2008

Woohoo, 3 day Weekend!

Yes, we just got off spring break, but we all need this 3 day weekend. My sleep schedule hasn't readjusted yet to being back to school. Ugh. The kids are more challenging and several of us on staff are ready for there to be 1 week left of school instead of 11 weeks. But, we trudge on.

BUT not tomorrow! Well, I do intend to go to the day job and see if I can relieve some of the pressure on me by getting some stuff done. Of course, I intend to work a lot on my manuscript (and with the ideas for the new one), maybe watch a movie or two, and read! I don't have any big Easter plans. The family I have nearby doesn't do much celebrating so I'll be on my own. (Which is totally okay with me.) How about you? Big Easter weekend plans?


Avery Beck said...

We're having a family BBQ on Sunday, the one day of the week the weather is supposed to stink. LOL And I'm going to try not to eat all the extra candy after I fill the kids' baskets!

Have a good weekend!

Lexi said...

Enjoy the BBQ, Avery, and give yourself a break. Have a chocolate or two...or three!