Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Got a dress that's simple but nice and cheap. Also picked up a black raincoat that's nice...not so cheap. But I justified it because every single time I wear a nice outfit and have to wear a coat, I always have to wear my leather coat, which is not exactly dressy. A friend of mine also loaned me a black dress to see if I wanted that one. Um, thanks to my friend, but I won't be taking that one. I tried it on at home and promptly couldn't get it unzipped! I had to go to the neighbor for help. Of course, said neighbor couldn't be a young stud. She's a very nice retired lady who will be picking up my mail while I'm gone.

Still managing 100 words a day for my writing challenges. Don't know what story I'll be working on, but I imagine I'll figure that out once the plane rides begin. I was telling one of my students today that when I go away I like to take a fresh notebook or journal to write my story. I'm using a journal that said student gave me for my birthday back in October. One of the couples will take control while I'm away, I'm sure. And if not, maybe I'll just write about my relationship with my grandfather.

I'm kinda nervous now about this trip to England. Since my grandfather died, I've been focusing on school work. It's been sad sometimes, but mostly it's just been like he's away. Once tomorrow's school day is over, I'll have nothing to think about BUT the trip. I haven't been doing much mourning yet. I imagine that'll come when I'm with the family. And then there's the reading I'm supposed to do for the funeral. I foolishly agreed to read one of my grandfather's favorite Bible readings. At first I was worried because I didn't think I could hold it together long enough to do the reading, but then I figured no one will fault me for stopping to compose myself if I have to. And plus, I wanted to do it to honor my grandfather. And hey, I could always take a shot of whisky before the service, right?


Lori Borrill said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather, but congrats on the weight loss. I remember shopping for a black dress when my dad died. I had the same problem. And oh, if I could still fit into it.

Hope you have a safe trip.

Lexi said...

Thanks, Lori. I appreciate it. I'll check in on your blog when I get back.