Saturday, March 28, 2009


The weather today in Austin is near perfect. It's sunny, in the 60s, and with a blue sky. The wind could be a little less...vicious, but it's not nearly bad enough to really complain. I'm still reading Elisabeth Naughton's book, hoping to finish this weekend. I've got an appointment with the phone company this afternoon (you know, one of those "they'll be there between 1 & 5" deals) and absolutely no other urgent plans. I'm actually going to sit on the couch and read! I think I'll also do some cleaning and grading and then later this afternoon I'm going to WRITE!!!!! Oh yeah, and order new business cards for nationals. Stupid me threw away my short contemporary ones when I thought I was only going to write suspense. That'll teach me to think twice before I act!

Whatever you do today, have a great one!

UPDATE 5:30: @!%#@@! Phone company never showed or called! That's all right. I cleaned most of the house and I'm down to 65 pages left in Elisabeth's book!


Tori Lennox said...

Did you have any damage from that crazy storm that blew through Austin?

Lexi said...

No, nothing. I was looking at my plants today thinking I didn't have water them, but they look thirsty!