Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sh! Don't Tell!

I'm blogging from work! I just had to take a few minutes to myself today. I'm still running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My car started acting weird last night, my wrist is killing me (for no good reason), I'm reduced to writing the bare minimum on my writing challenge (100 words), I've got to ship my printer back to Epson, and it's only Wednesday!

On the positive, a blogging friend Elisabeth Naughton won 1st Place in the Romancing the Tomb contest. Congrats, Elisabeth!

Also, it's only 3 weeks and 2 days until spring break. I bought 2 books over the last weekend and I'm saving both for my trip. They are Surrogate & Wife by Emily McKay and Something Wicked by Evelyn Vaughn. Can't wait to read them!

Now, if I could only sleep until the morning of March 10th, all would be wonderful!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Thanks for the plug, Christine!! :)

Ah, spring break. A whole week without kids. I used to love that when I was teaching. *sigh* Now I have my own three kids...all the time. Of course, I woudln't trade them for the world but I do miss the idea of a whole week sans kiddos to read and write and do whatever I want.

Enjoy it!

(And hope your wrist feels better, and your car starts working right and you get your printer all fixed up!)

Michelle said...

Hope the wrist feels better soon and that the car isn't anything serious!