Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Can't This Be Life Imitating Art?

Now, why can't this be real life? I have a zillion things going on around me, so much so that I'm exhausted and my work week hasn't even started yet! And what's happening? My latest romantic suspense hero (the one whose story is already 100 pages long) is whispering in my ear again! He's not being demanding, not even asking me to get back to work on his story. He's just letting me know he's there, content to cause a ripple in my otherwise calm writing waters. I'm in the middle of my writing challenge and knee-deep in my contemporary hero's dilemma! I don't have enough time to talk to Aidan, never mind dealing with Ryan again! Not yet, anyway. Eventually. Some day. You know, when things quiet down...

Oh, what I wouldn't give to have two awesome guys competing for my attention!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Ah yes. I know the feeling WELL. I'm nearing the final 1/3 of the WIP and suddenly my next "hero" is chattering away in my ear. He's been so irritating, I took a break from the WIP and wrote his first few pages.


And he's STILL not happy.

Kinda like having split personalities, isn't it???

TJBrown said...

I agree... The germ of an idea. The character who won't leave you alone... interesting.