Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time's A-Flyin'

Here it is Sunday morning again. I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week! Course, not much is happening. I've successfully written at least my 100 words a day everyday for my Austin RWA writing challenge. Work is keeping me busy. I went into my classroom today for 2 1/2 hours to get some work done. I won't say "to get ahead" because (if you're a teacher, you know this) getting ahead is really not possible. There's always something I could be doing. But, I choose to have a life and get behind instead!

I'll be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow even though my Patriots aren't playing. My step-family is filled with Steeler fans, so I decided to convert just for tomorrow. Well, since it's Sunday morning I guess I'm converting for today.

The diet has NOT been going well and I'm running out of time. It's just under five weeks before my spring break! I SOOOO cannot wait. Oh, and only 15 weeks of school left. I'm ready to be out for the summer.

I'm having printer problems YET AGAIN. But, now I'm thinking that maybe it's me and not the printer. There's got to be something I'm not doing or not doing correctly. Stupid, rotten technology! (Just kidding, favorite computer gadget o' mine!)

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pen name for my contemporaries. I've come up with a few ideas based on my favorite place in the whole wide world (Scotland, in case you've forgotten) and some of my favorite fictional characters. My CP likes the names I've come up with but can't choose one over the other. My best friend can't seem to get her e-mail working well enough to send me a response (yes, Nancy, dig intended!). So, I'm forced to continue the quest alone. No worries, though. Something will come along that matches me perfectly. Of course, I could just use Christina Lyn since this is pretty close to my own actual, legal name. But where's the fun in that???


Michelle said...

I actually like Keach,if you want to know the truth. Or are you using that one already?

Anyway, wtg on the writing!

TJBrown said...

Well, it was a good time to convert.
A seahawks fan