Saturday, February 18, 2006


Tagged by Elisabeth. (I'll get you back!)

current clothing: flannel plaid pajamas
current hair: half in a clip, half down
current refreshment: hot tea
current annoyance: My wrist--still sore
current avoidance: query letter
current smell: Nothing. I'm stuffed up
current thing you ought to be doing: working on my CP's prologue
current thing or things on your wall: My writing awards, my cork board with pictures of hot guys and some Scottish inspirational stuff.
current IM/person you're talking to: No one.
current jewelry: Diamond earrings, opal earrings, Celtic knot ring
current book: That I'm reading? Julia London's Highlander Unbound. That I'm writing? My untitled masterpiece set in Scotland.
current worry: Keeping my sanity until spring break (2 weeks and 6 days)
current favorite celebrity: Peter Wingfield (from the Highlander TV series & last movie), Vin Diesel, Eric Close (from Wwithout A Trace)...I could go on and on.
current obsession: bagpipe music
current love: the hero in my current manuscript!
current longing: To be finished with the school year
current disappointment: That the weather is cold and dreary (actually, that is perfect for me to write and read all day. What am I thinking?!)
current lyric in your head: "When you dream, dream big..." (Not sure who sings it but the CD was a Valentine's gift & that's my favorite song).
current music: Bagpipes of Scotland (A Lifescapes CD)
current favorite book: Anita Shreve's, Strange Fits of Passion. I finished it in January but I'm still thinking about it.
current favorite movie: North & South, a BBC film (romance) about a woman who moves with her family to the North of England in the late 1800s and how out of place she is. (Just watched it last night) Also loved Crash.
current wish: A publishing contract
current happy thing: Getting an interview for a summer job overseas
current undergarments: NOYB
current desktop picture: blue screen
current plans for tonight/weekend: To write, watch TV, clean the bathroom (Yuck!)
What are you currently doing? Thinking about working on my CP's manuscript...after another cup of tea.

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Michelle said...

I'm reading Christine Feehan's "Mind Games" right now. I have Julia London on my TBR stack. Sounds good to me! :)