Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I admit it. I call myself a writer, but until this last few days I've never EVER read Deb Dixon's book on Goal, Motivation & Conflict. When I checked it out of my RWA library last week, one woman told me it would change my life. I hope it does help me to understand the GMC's of my characters. I believe in my gut I know what the goals and motivations are of my characters, but I think my problem is articulating them. Maybe I'll be able to do that and actually move up another rung or two on my ladder to publication. Stay tuned to find out....


Elisabeth Naughton said...

It's a good book. It wasn't that there was anything "new" in it, but it did get me thinking about things I knew in the back of my head but hadn't voiced.

However, I'm not a Wizard of Oz fan, and she uses that as an example all the way through the book, so it was hard for me to get through (I have issues with those flying monkeys...*shudder*)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

When I read GMC a few years ago, it wasn't as if it introduced brand-new concepts to me; it was more that Deb Dixon puts them in such a down-to-basics way that you go "Aha!! That's what I've been trying to do/say/achieve all along." I hope it has that effect on you too! Enjoy the book!

(Hey, I just read Elizabeth Naughton's comment and I'm basically just repeating her. Hee! Oh well, I'll post this anyway. :) )