Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nothin' Much New

I just felt like posting.

Six weeks of school have gone by. We're all a little stressed already. I think I'm the least stressed and I'm sure that has a lot to do with my love for my new duties as ESL Coordinator as well as my writing.

Mailed off 2 more contest entries today for FP. I'd planned to start right in on my revisions to UCOD so that I can get the requested full out the door ASAP, but it hasn't happened yet. Instead I watched a football game (Go Longhorns!) until the power went out. Luckily it only stayed off for a few minutes.

I'll do a little plotting and planning tonight for the suspense, UCOD, and then tomorrow I'll jump into the revisions with both feet. My goal is to have it on its way to the editor within two weeks. Then it'll be back to FP.

Speaking of my first attempt at a contemporary, I registered FP for the Golden Heart this morning and paid my fee. I guess there's no turning back now. Once UCOD is on its way, I'll throw myself back into my fictional Scottish village and see what other greatness I can discover before the 12/4 deadline!

Hope it's a good weekend wherever you are.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

You already registered for the GH?! Wow, you are on the ball. I'm in awe. I haven't even thought about it.

congrats on your full request! Get that puppy out there!

TJBrown said...

That's very cool. I thought about it, but frankly, I am hoping to be disqualified for the GH this year. If I feel it is coming down to the wire, I will register HOT.

Lexi said...

Don't worry, Elisabeth. I'm mailing it ASAP, which could be within one week!

Teri, I hope you're disqualified too. :)

Kelly said...

Good luck with the GH! I considered doing it again this year but didn't think I could have my ms ready by the deadline and my finished one I had already entered last year. But if I'm not contracted by GH time next year, I'll give it another go.

Bailey Stewart said...

Congrats on the full request and good luck with the GH. I think this stuff with mother will be over by this time next year, so maybe I'll give it a try then.