Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I don't know what it is, but I have this amazing fascination with Skeet Ulrich. After seeing him in The Magic of Ordinary Days (which is a romance and I loved it!), I just raved about him. Then the movie was over, real life returned and Skeet disappeared.

Unil tonight.

I just finished watching Jericho. I LOVED it. Now, I don't know if I loved it because Skeet is in it and plays a great part or if the story is actually good. I tend to think it's a combination of both.

The premise of the show is a nuclear explosion has taken place and this little town doesn't know if it's the only surviving town. The idea of a disaster happening is not a new story, but the way the show is presented is new. We see the mushroom cloud in the distance and then we see how people react. We also get sucked in and empathize with the characters. Or at least I did. To the point I almost started crying in parts.

Then again, for me it could all be Skeet.


Anonymous said...

Love Skeeeet too. Are you a Tmooder? If you don't know what I am talking about...go to

Lots more Skeet fans there!

Lexi said...

Oh, thank you! I just wish I'd known about the Craig Ferguson episode. I woulda taped it!

Karitown said...

I've seen the previews for that show, but haven't watched it yet. I'll have to check it out. Sounds great.

Tori Lennox said...

I don't really care about Skeet one way or the other, but I loved Jericho!!! Fabulous premiere episode! I hope they can keep the quality going.

Jill said...

LOVE him, love the show! But then I'm a self proclaimed TV slut. In fact, I was just talking about this on my blog today!

Lola said...

I totally identify with you! I'm so glad that "Jericho" is doing well, but yes, Skeet is the draw.

At first, it was like I had tunnel vision--so busy watching Skeet emote, that I was losing track of the story and other actors. Great reason to go back and watch it again.

Anonymous said...

Skeet was also in a mini series called Into the West and was AWESOME in it. I also loved him in Miracles, a tv show where he was the lead -- his performances were critically acclaimed in both shows