Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And So It Grows...

My Lenten money box, that is. $9.50. I got on a string of nasty words when I went to Teri's blog and didn't find out the secret she's been teasing us with for days now. I added a few more dimes when I was watching TV and the phone kept ringing. A couple more colorful metaphors came out of my mouth during the frantic writing of my awesome book. My brain is on warp speed and my pencil can't keep up!

In other news, Nita Wick is involved in a cool contest. It's one of those where you have to visit several authors' websites and then E-mail some answers to certain questions and you're in the drawing. It looks like a pretty great contest and I plan to search for all the clues when I have time.

Oh, and while you're on Nita's website, check out her page of inspirational heroes. Ouch! I thought I'd have to call the fire department because those boys are H-O-T!!


Anonymous said...


Those "inspirational pictures" were sooo not work-friendly.


(I love the ongoing Lenten donation count. *Grins*)

Lexi said...

I actually thought about saying these are inspirational pictures, but not the church/religious inspiration.... Then again, I could sing praises to the Maker if I had one of them with me!

Keeping my donation count on here helps me to keep track of what I owe since I haven't actually physically put any dimes in any box yet.

Nita Wick said...

LOL Thanks, Lexi. Both for helping to spread the word about the contest and for praising my heroes. :) I hope to update that page this weekend with a few more that are definitely hero material. Check back soon!

Lexi said...

Then I'll DEFINITELY be back there, Nita!