Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Failure To Communicate

Miscommunications: I sent the first chapter of Danger to a blog/writer friend who offered to read it for me. She pointed out great questions and made helpful comments. She also posed a bunch of questions to me that I needed to hear. As a suspense, I don't have to reveal all the answers to her questions in the first chapter as long as I know what the answers are and when and how they will be revealed. Some I did know the answers and we e-chatted about. Some I wasn't sure about. And some I had absolutely no clue. (Usually I don't let anybody read my manuscript until at least the entire first draft is finished because by then I know where the story is going and how it's going to get there. I've only been doing it now because I really want to start entering it in contests.)

I also sent it to my CP. I sent it to her Monday night. She sent me an e-mail Tuesday that said not much more than "Let's talk about your story tonight." (We had our Austin RWA meeting last night.) So all day yesterday I wondered and worried about what she would say about the chapter. What wasn't working, I wondered? The suspense element was working. I knew that. I'd found my groove with pacing too. Okay, so maybe the little inconsistencies I hadn't managed to work out in my head were popping up. Or maybe I was making things too convenient for the average romance reader. Hhhmmm. So I actually pondered and wrote and scratched out a bunch of stuff and was ready to hear what she had to say at the meeting. But guess what? She said she just meant that we'd catch up at the meeting. She hadn't even read the chapter! After all that, though, I realized I had some serious rewriting to do because if I thought there might be something wrong with it, there MUST be something wrong with it! Gut instinct tells me so.

Lack of Communication: Today I did figure out a solution, but I haven't had a chance to work on it. Nope. Had some errands to run, dinner to eat, cleaning to do. But I still have to finish writing my 200 words for my 2 challenges so maybe I'll get some more accomplished. I'll update the progress meter before I go to bed.

Total word count Tuesday: 297
Total word count Wednesday: ???What will it be???...546
Total Lenten Charity Amount: $5.60

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Crystal said...

LOL! I know I don't see the Lenten charity amount goin up!!! LOL! I popped over to wish you warm hugs for Valentines Day, hope yours was a good one;o)