Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday At Last!

No one wanted to be at school today. We're all still worn out from the field trip. So instead of teaching, I had the kids make thank you cards for the trip organizers and Mothers' Day cards. This will be the first weekend in a LONG time I don't have to go into work or spend countless precious weekend hours on school stuff. I'm so excited! I'm hoping to go to the movies and see Nim's Island if it's still in the theatre. Of course I'll work on my manuscript too, and I want to finish this book I'm reading.

A Woman in Berlin is a very different book. It's the diary of a German woman from the spring of 1945. It's very depressing and sometimes downright disgusting, but I can't walk away from it. I hate to say I'm enjoying the book because the topic isn't a happy one. In truth, it makes me sad to read that people can be so cruel to each other.

From a writing perspective though, this is an excellent book. I've been sucked into this woman's world. I care about her. I hear the bombs, the soldiers running up the apartment stairs to raid her "home". In my stomach, I can imagine the pain of this woman's hunger and thirst. I'm horrified by the events, but I want to keep reading. I've even done some research to help me understand World War II better. To me, a book that can elicit these kinds of responses in me is definitely one worth reading.

Have you read anything that affects you like this?


Bonnie Ferguson said...

That sounds like a very gripping book.

Lexi said...

Bonnie, I seriously can't put it down and when I do, I can't wait to get back to it!