Monday, August 04, 2008

Trip Particulars

I wanted to share with you the titles I read and saw:

Jill Shalvis- Flashpoint
Jill Shalvis- The Trouble With Paradise
Suzanne Brockmann- Forbidden
Suzanne Brockmann- Freedom's Price
Shalvis and Brockmann are 2 of my auto-buys and they NEVER let me down!)
Kerry Connor- Strangers in the Night (Most excellent research as I write my own thriller)
Teri Brown- Read My Lips (As a teacher, I'm thrilled to read an awesome book for YA!)
Robert Ludlum- The Bourne Identity (Um, hello. It's Jason Bourne. Need I say ANYTHING more?)
Ann Voss Peterson- Wyoming Manhunt (More great research for Intrigue thrillers!)
Rita Herron- In the Flesh (A chance to get to read something new and enjoy it!)
Julie Garwood- Shadow Dance (I've been a lifelong reader of Garwood, but this one didn't grab me like most of her previous books.)

The Painted Veil- Most Excellent! It's about a cholera epidemic and the English doctor and his wife when he travels to the village (Chinese, I think) to help with the epidemic.
The Pursuit of Happyness- An extremely gut-wrenching story, but I knew it had a happy ending. Good thing. I went through too many tissues as it was!
PS I Love You- Wow! A wonderful romance and inspirational story about a woman finding out who she really is.
Casino Royale- I'm not a big Bond fan to begin with, but I wanted to see Daniel Craig in the role simply because I know a lot of people didn't think he should be the new Bond. I'm looking forward to the next one!
Death at a Funeral- If you like off-beat British comedies, you'll love this. I laughed so much and I'm so glad we picked it up.
Mama Mia- I haven't seen the Broadway show, but I wanted to see the movie. What a fun time and almost a week later I'm still singing the songs! The story was so uplifting and gave me hope for my own happily ever after someday. (Where are the good guys hiding???)

My diet went well until the last 2 weeks of the trip. UGH! But I'm not discouraged. Yes, I would've liked to stick to the same weight or lose a bit more, but that wasn't realistic. So, I jumped right back into it yesterday when I went shopping. Today I'm going to the gym. Quite honestly, the biggest incentive is the fact that I liked being 16 lbs down. I liked the way I felt, the way I looked and the clothes I could fit into. My new goal is to be at my "goal weight" (which is a total of 25-30lbs from my highest weight) by Christmas. I can't tell you yet how far I have to go because I'm not getting on the scale until next weekend.


Cat Schield said...

Welcome back! See, this is why I missed you. Nothing for a week, then 3 rapid fire posts. Congrats again on the final!

I loved Mama Mia. Went right out after the movie and bought the CD (even though I already own most of the songs on my best of ABBA).

I recommend the Bourne Supremacy. It's wonderful. Altho you'll find it's nothing like the movie. I'm listening to Erik Van Lustbader's The Bourne Sanction. It's not Ludlum, but he does a fairly credible job carrying on the legacy.

Lexi said...

Cat, I guess I could talk forever when I have internet access every single day!

I bought the ABBA Number Ones CD, but now I'm wishing I'd bought the soundtrack with the actual actors singing.

Yeah, I know the movies are quite different. I saw several other Bourne books on the shelf and I wondered what how they measured up.