Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

The weekend is FINALLY here! This first week of work has been packed with information, but I'm excited about this new school year. After 4 years, I no longer have to teach Science! Guess what I get to teach instead! WRITING! I'm in charge of preparing the 7th graders (all 9 of them) for the writing standardized test in February. Most of these kids have known me for a while and they know how I am about writing. What they don't know is they're in charge of helping me shape the Writing class this year.

Today the Austin RWA is having a workshop on writing queries and synopses. This is perfect timing since I'm more than halfway through Danger's revisions and in a matter of weeks I'll be writing the killer query and synopsis for my book. Jane Myers Perrine is leading the query section of our 4-hour workshop and Julie Kenner will be helping us with our synopses.

After the workshop, I'm sneaking into the bookstore to try and pick up the category romances I still need for this month. Shhh. Don't tell anyone because I still have a HUGE TBR pile! Then I'm coming home to put some serious time into Danger's chapter 6. Oh and then I'm also critiquing the lovely Lillian Dawson's manuscript. Sheesh, I'm exhausted just looking at this Saturday schedule!

Tomorrow I have to spend some serious time finishing up the last minute details for my 1st week of school. Nothing too strenuous, just time-consuming. And of course, time is already a limited commodity.

Okay, enough chatter. I need to try to get something done on chapter 6 before I leave for the workshop. Have a great weekend!

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