Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Friday!

I managed to get about 100 pages done last night and went to bed close to midnight. This morning my brain, my eyes and the rest of my body are a little slow to get moving, but I'm so excited to be so close to finished with Danger. I've got a little less than 60 pages left to revise after work today. Then it's on to review the synopsis (which shouldn't need much work, if any) and to write the cover letter (which I've been constructing in my head for 2 days).

In school, my kids are taking tests today. So it'll be quiet in the classroom and the grading of those tests shouldn't take long this weekend.

I've got no big plans for the weekend except have some fun. With Danger in the mail, I'll be celebrating a bit. I also want to move some more stuff around in the house. AND I want to spend a good chunk of time working on day job stuff that will make my year go more smoothly. Then, of course, I also have to start reviewing Fratured Paradise.

What about you? Big plans for the Labor Day weekend? We're expecting rain and cooler temps. Whatever you do, enjoy and be safe!

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