Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well, I'll try to explain this simply. I sent a partial manuscript 2 years ago to an editor. I got the tracking number for it and assurances it would be read in due time. Then I never heard anything. So when I met with the editor at Nationals in July, we talked about that submission and the manuscript. The editor promised to look into where the communication breakdown happened. Today I got word that they had read the partial and had requested the full but never received it. I, of course, never got that request otherwise I would've sent it A LONG TIME AGO. The lesson here? Don't be afraid to check up on your submissions if too much time has passed. (I promised to have the revised full sent to her by the middle of October at the latest. Time to get back to work!)

I updated some pictures on my website and I added a snippet of a new story. Check it out!

I shopped for some things for the new home, including a DVD player, a 2nd phone for upstairs, and a few lamps. Can you guess what the first thing I watched was? The Bourne Identity!!!

Don't forget to enter my "I finished a manuscript and sent it off!" contest. Details are below.

Gotta go work on Fractured Paradise's revisions!


Kelly Boyce said...

Congrats on the request! I had a similar experience where I hadn't heard from Kensington, sent a letter and found out Hilary Sares had left and there was no record of the electronic submission of my requested manuscript. Thankfully the assistant editor told me to resend. So now I'm waiting again. I also had to send a letter to Berkley after a year of waiting...still waiting to hear back on that one.

Lexi said...

Thanks, Kelly! And good luck on the waiting. I'm sitting on the bench with a couple of other friends waiting to hear. We'll move down and make room for you.