Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy, Busy

So yesterday I spent a chunk of time rearranging my scenes in my book because I'm pretty sure I had a breakthrough and know the right way to organize the scenes.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten how painful that would be.

I'm still in the thick of it, still absolutely convinced I'm making the right decision, but struggling because I don't want to cut any of the awesome work I did last week. My goal is to finish rearranging tonight and start adding transition sentences and paragraphs so that I can be all ready to move forward during my writing afternoon (last bit of personal time from work!) tomorrow. Wish me luck!

(And don't worry. I saved a copy of the manuscript BEFORE I started making sweeping changes just in case I'm wrong with my breakthrough!)


Laura Griffin said...

Hi Lexi! I know all about procrastination! I'm sending positive writing vibes your way. Sometimes it helps me to focus not so much on the number of pages, but the scenes. If you get your plot written, the page count has a way of taking care of itself. Another cure for procrastination is to get a change of scenery. Can you unplug and go to a coffee shop? Oddly, sometimes all that noise helps me focus. Good luck!!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Laura. Focusing on the scenes does help and I usually do that. Maybe I'll unplug and go to Barnes & Noble for a while this weekend. Trouble is if I'm there I want to buy books!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lexi. Looks like we booked passage on the same boat. I, too, have been procrastinating.

My father and my husband both had minor surgery today (matching hernias... go figure!). Since I took the day off to play nursemaid, my father recommended I get off my duff and work on my writing. Hubby is wrapped up in the latest History Channel show, so now is as good a time as any.

Call on your muse and get writing!
Maybe we'll both be inspired.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Have you tried rewards? I am a fabulously talented procrastinator. Really. I have tons of excuses, but if I promise myself I can do or eat something special, determination kicks in. Good luck,