Saturday, May 15, 2010

Playing With Numbers

I've got 1 hour left to add words to my total for the day, which is what I keep track of for my Austin RWA monthly writing challenge. I'm shooting for 2500 words. I'm just over 2100.
Made it.

I've got 1,312 words to go to crack 25,000 on the counter to the right. I'll make 24,000 before midnight, but the other 1000 words will have to come tomorrow.
At 24,434, my eyes are crossing. I'll hit 25,000 during Sunday for sure.

I really, really want to finish drafting chapter 7 before I go to sleep tonight. We'll see.
Not happening. I'm oh so close, but I know my limits. I'm better off starting in this place tomorrow.

I watched Bourne #3 earlier, The Bourne Ultimatum. It was a pleasant surprise to find it on TV and wow, I can pretty much recite most of the dialogue!

I've had 2 cups of tea tonight.

12 days left of teaching.

2 more afternoons to take off for writing.

Roughly 4-5 chapters left to write for the 2nd draft of His Reluctant Witness.

No time left to chat! Gotta go work!


Unknown said...

Wow, fabulous word count. I got about 2000 done myself yesterday. Of course, it took me all day to accomplish it.

Hope the rest of the chapters flow so you can finish the second draft and be ready to pitch at National.

Lexi said...

I know, it took me all day as well. BUT it was soooooo much fun!

Cat, my goal is still to have the 2nd draft done by the time school's out and then do a quick 3rd draft before I leave for Mexico! I know, tall order, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it.