Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Writing Afternoon

Well, my writing afternoon turned into running a few errands after I left work then an hour long nap when I got home (thanks to this allergy attack or cold). I was stuck with the manuscript but decided to plug away at the book anyway, because we all know a book won't write itself! Now I'm halfway through the next chapter, blindly following my characters wherever they intend to take me. And so far? It's working! I LOVE MY MUSE!

LATER: Yay! I hit 50% on the book's word count! I've got some great ideas to continue with this chapter, but I'm kind of wiped out from whatever this sickness is. So I'm going to bed early (for me) and hope I can start knocking this out of my system so I can totally focus on my book!

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Unknown said...

Caitlyn has been very good to you lately. What treats are you feeding her so she'll stick around and behave?