Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapter 6

Yep, a week later and I'm still on it. I was pretty sure I hit "the sagging middle" and last night I was just so desperate to get chapter 6 done and get into 7, I wrote anything. BUT then as I got into bed, the light bulb flashed in my brain and I figured a way through the chapter (that includes deleting most of what I wrote over the last few days). It's funny because here I am trying to wedge the scenes into the manuscript that I want, scenes I think showcase the characters really well, but they're my scenes not the characters scenes. I, as the author, am intruding and trying to do it my way when I know PERFECTLY well I have to follow my characters. At least it didn't take me as long to remember that as in earlier manuscripts.


Unknown said...

Good for you. Tossing out stuff you've written is hard, but sometimes it's exactly what needs to happen.

Good luck with the rest of the book.

Kelly Boyce said...

Yay for light bulbs!