Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And Now For The Not So Best Times

Yeah, we won't even talk about those slackers, the Boston Red Sox. It makes me sick just to think about those championship games against Cleveland. Yuck!

After working with two sets of younger kids at school, I've realized I can NEVER teach true elementary. The kids are adorable to look at and talk to, but I'd be bald if I had to spend 6-7 hours a day with them! Nope. Even with the occasional pre-teen attitudes, give me my 6th graders any day!

Just when I'm ready to give up working on uncovering my new hero and heroine, they start talking. Not full sentences, mind you. No, they have to pelt my head with odd phrases and occasional bits of brilliance. Yet, when I sit down to brainstorm or free write, they clam up again! How cruel is that? I've got PLENTY of other activities I could be doing- cleaning the house (yes, even the toilets), grading papers, revisions to TCAFS, revisions to my query letter for TCAFS, printing my next contest entry (yes, I'm back to those again), finishing the awesome book I'm reading.

And yet, here I am still plugging away because those little nuggets of inspiration grab hold of my heart and demand to show me just how extraordinary this couple will be!


Kelly said...

Toilets can wait - I say go with the nuggets of inspiration!

Lexi said...

Yes, Kelly! I'm sitting here at work trying to do as much as I can so I don't have to take stuff home. I want to be able to devote my evening to the new characters!

Lexi said...

Um, yeah. That didn't happen. I was working on grades until 11:15 and then I started my words for the day for my challenges. BUT grades are in, lesson plans are done and I've got a three day weekend!