Friday, October 12, 2007

Lexi Connor's Meggie MacDougall

If you've read this blog before, you may have seen some posts about Meggie MacDougall. I'm here to properly introduce her. Meggie is a character in my fictional Scottish Highland village. She's opinionated, sticks her nose where it doesn't truly belong and she's very adventurous. She's foolishly young right now and I thought she'd be the perfect character to share her thoughts on her village.

So, months ago I decided to start a second blog called Meggie's Musings. I figured it would be a way for me to get to know Meggie (because she's already told me she's getting her own happily ever after at some point) and to get to know more about the community. So far it has been very rewarding...and extremely difficult. Writing Meggie's blog posts forces me to "build my world" and to view my other characters through the eyes of a "local lass". It forces me to make choices about my village and my characters, choices I maybe hadn't thought of while writing manuscripts #1 and #2. However, it has also made thinking about manuscripts #3, #4 and #5 so much more fulfilling. I'm learning so much about those heroes and heroines before I even put pencil to paper for their individual stories.

The professional writer in me latched onto this character blog idea instantly! I love to blog, so why not? I'm confident that my Scottish stories (at some point) will sell. I'm focusing my website (still in process) on a Scottish theme. My thoughts are already spinning out of control for ways to market my books when the time comes. With Meggie's blog, I think it can be a way to get people interested in my writing. (Although, I admit putting myself out there in this respect is actually a bit overwhelming and frightening.) When I finally do sell, I figure the blog could be a great backstory resource for readers. Also, since Meggie will eventually be the heroine in her own novel, the reader can watch her grow and evolve as a character.

Meggie doesn't get many visitors yet, but I'm confident she'll be an invaluable resource when I make that precious next step in my journey of publishing. In the meantime, posting to that blog keeps me deeply involved in the lives and loves of my fictional world and doing THAT reminds me why I love what I do!


Crystal said...

Oh, girl...Most times when I read, I like to post the book covers of the book I just finished with either the synopsis or my feeling about the author/book. Believe it or not, that helps sell books too! Most people have access to the internet these days and they have it through their jobs as well. I don't know how many books i've read from seeing them on other peoples blogs and NOT at the book store. When you get yourself a book cover i'll post it on my blog! Anything to get your name and books out there, i'll help. I think the world of writing is so fantastic. The whole process seems difficult but I enjoy going along for the ride when reading others journey to become published.
Thank you for your words of wisdom. I guess my imagination is still closed because no one has come to visit me...
Anyway, thanks for your help and have a good day!! Crystal

Lexi said...

Thanks for all your words, Crystal!

Crystal said...

Don't worry about Unchained, it's just as awesome as the first AND the second. I loved the series because it hasn't lost its intensity. Some books are like that but some you read get really intense and your locked onto reading your so into it but then half way it loses something..I like Mrs. McCarty's writing style..Have a good Saturday!