Monday, October 22, 2007


My Boston Red Sox are going to the World Series!!!!

My New England Patriots are 7-0!!!

I hung out with my friend Monika yesterday. We talked about writing and watched a show we both love.

I've got the day off today. I hope to get some serious writing done. Oh yeah, I'm back on the next contemporary. I'm so confused about which story I should be working on, I think I just need to work on my TCAFS revisions for a while now.

I'm off to shop for something to wear for my cousin's wedding. I'm also on the hunt for a gift. (I leave a week from Wednesday. The wedding's 11/3. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?)

Did I mention my Boston Red Sox are going to the World Series?!?!?!?!

Have a great day!


monika_schulze said...

I wish you much, much luck with the shopping. (I hate shopping!) Thanks for the company and the pizza. The pizza was fabulous and the company even better.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Amazing about the Red Sox. I thought they were doomed early on. DH is thrilled - Jacobi Ellsbury is an Oregon State grad (our alma mater) and played for the Beavs. Very cool to see him doing so well.

Enjoy your day off.'s the challenge coming?

Lexi said...

Monika, if I'm just looking around I don't mind shopping. It's when I need something specific that I hate it. Yes, yesterday was fun. We'll have to do that more often!

Lexi said...

Elisabeth, I'd enjoy the day even more if I didn't have to clean the bathroom!

Yes, it IS amazing about the Sox. I thought they were done for, but they just blew me away!

The challenge is going well. I'm on day 49 and I haven't missed a day yet. My kids finish theirs tomorrow and I think I have about 20 still in it! Plus, I now have 3 pledging to do the 100 days with me. How about you?