Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Nuggets Of Inspiration

Although I'm not planning to push my new hero and heroine into service, I am enjoying the few nuggets they keep throwing my way. Now that my 1st quarter grades are finished, I can spend the weekend taking dictation. Yay! Now, if they would only decide whether this story will be a short contemporary or a suspense...

A good friend of mine sent me a "catch up" e-mail. She and her family live out of state and I haven't seen them in a while. We've been friends for about 14 years (Wow! I hadn't realized it was that long!). In this e-mail, she made the comments that she's not a romance novel reader, but she said when my books get published (notice books--plural) she'll run out and buy them. I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy that made me feel. She's been very supportive since I first mentioned I was pursuing publication and it means the world to me to hear that kind of response from people who are important to me.

Yesterday I received my score sheets from the editor judges in the Heart-to-Heart contest. (TCAFS took 3rd) They both gave me some great pointers. For me though, the best part was the final question on the score sheet. "Would you want to read more of this book, if published?" Both the editor and the agent said yes. So, even though I didn't win, I received confirmation that I'm heading in the right direction. In addition, all the first round judges said similar things in their comments and score sheets. So it's coming. Until then, I'll just keep writing, reading and pluggin' along.


Heather said...

Hooray on the good comments on your score sheets! Your publication day will definitely come, Lexi!!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Heather! Come hell or high water, I'm planning to fight for it!