Monday, February 02, 2009

Cedar Is Evil

I don't know for sure that it's cedar trying to kill me, but allergies are running rampant. I could go to sleep now and not wake until tomorrow morning. Except for the coughing. On top of all this, I have a wake to go to for a co-worker's husband. I can't not go. Even if I just stay 15 minutes, I have to make the effort. So I'm off to nap until the wake.


Kerry Blaisdell said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling under the weather! The kids have had endless colds (since before Christmas). I swear, we're keeping Triaminic in business all by ourselves!

I hope the wake wasn't too stressful, and that your family is hanging in there, too.

Avery Beck said...

I am a very, very lucky person with no allergies. Meanwhile everyone around me is going crazy with the cedar. Hope you find some relief soon!

Lori Borrill said...

I started getting allergies when I moved to California. I've got no idea what I'm allergic to. Only that Disneyland in the spring is a very bad idea for me.

Sorry you're having such a miserable time. But I'm sure your friend will appreciate your attendance.

And hey, my word verification is "syneses". Creepy.

Susye said...

Try Zyrtec - it rocks! But, of course, I'm coughing today, too, but at least I can breathe - for the most part.

Good luck! Hope you feel better!

Lexi said...

Kerry, I'm doing my best to keep Robitussin and Halls in business too!

Avery, excuse me while I say...I hate you!

Lori, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to something during every season. I used to have allergy shots once a week, which didn't really help. I had a couple different scratch tests, but haven't had one since I was in my early 20s. Cedar though is vicious.

Susye, I liked Zyrtec when I got it as a prescription, but the over the counter one I tried recently made me very sleepy. Although, at this point I'd be okay with sleepy just as long as I didn't have to blow my nose every 10 seconds.