Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Miscellaneous

Allergies are still attacking me (and people all around me), but I will not surrender!

Grandfather went back to the hospital (by choice) and today they were going to do a psych eval on him.

My friend Jess Dawson is a soldier in Iraq right now and she's got a blog to share her experiences. Um, today's entry is...different. It's about an initiation she's had to endure. Check it out for yourself. Click here.

I've added 2 more blogs to my list of places to go. Joining the Fray and Romantic By Nature. Check them out when you have a chance!

As for my stories, here's the deal. I've been going back and forth for weeks now on which story to concentrate on, right? Then I had my ARWA sisters brainstorm Broken Promises with me last weekend. Then I was feeling I needed to reconnect with my British heritage, so I said I was going to go back to Fractured Paradise, right? Well, here it is Wednesday and the only writing I've done since the retreat has been on that brand new couple, Eric and Shannon. Remember them from this post? So I'm going to see where these new people take me. Obviously they have something to say if they're knocking not one, not two but THREE other couples out of their way!


Romantic Girl said...

Thanks for plug!

Man, Lexi, you have so many stories going on I can't keep up with them. :)

At least you're writing. Other than some outlining I haven't done anything this week, oh, except procrastinate and start a blog. :)

Lexi said...

I'm there for ya, chickie! And don't be too impressed. I can't keep up with all my stories either!