Tuesday, June 01, 2010


In working on the Big Black Moment and the ending to my suspense, I've learned A LOT more about my characters and their motivations. I'm SOOOO excited because this stuff has always been difficult for me and this time it's clicking at lot earlier than the last manuscript!

I've also been introduced to at least one new character who's telling me that his story better be on my writing plan at some point.

I don't expect to have the complete 55,000 words done tonight, but I do expect to have all the pieces put together so that I can take tomorrow off and then I can focus on expanding and enriching my characters' stories when I work on the 3rd draft.

Don't forget my contest! If you haven't already left a comment encouraging my work on the ending of this draft, send me something by 11:59 tonight to be entered in the drawing for Tracy Wolff books!

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Unknown said...

Whoohoo on the progress. Both in your manuscript and in your development as a writer.