Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Book and Mexico

The book: Not happening. I decided last night that I just can't focus to finish the book right now. The ending is written, but it needs a lot of revising to make it awesome and with me here in Mexico, I'm not in the frame of mind to write new material and revise. So, I sent the first 12 chapters to my CPs and they'll get the last 2 chapters after I finish them between Mexico and RWA Nationals.

Mexico: The orphanage was a great experience even if I could barely speak to anyone. I played bingo with the kids, calling out Spanish words. One person from the school started talking to me. When I gave him the blank stare, he slowed his speech and used hand signals to have a conversation with me about music and the World Cup. It was so sad to see the kids here, 37 of them, and the few toys they share. I wanted to hug them all. Luckily, my escuela will return to the orphanage during the last week I'm here so hopefully I'll be able to speak more.

Today, during my conversation class, my maestra and I walked to the center of town. We visited Palacio de Cortez, which was a museum that told a lot about Mexican history. I was able to read very little in Spanish, but my maestra explained a lot to me. On our way there, I was amazed with how much Spanish I was able to speak already, after only 5 days in Mexico. Of course, I have A LONG way to go!

In the center of town was a shopping area. I didn't have time to shop, but I figure I've got 3 more weeks here. I'll get there. There was also a HUGE TV screen and a World Cup game. Of course I was fascinated and in my mind I thought about coming down here on Sunday to watch the England game and then the Mexico game. How cool will that be? Hopefully I can go with someone else. I'm not quite ready to brave it on my own!

Anyway, here are the first set of pictures for you:
Palacio de Cortes

The center of Cuernavaca as seen from Palacio de Cortes

My home away from home while in Mexico


Shari said...

Great pics, Lexi! Looks like you're in a gorgeous place.

Susye said...

Great pictures! Looks like you got a good camera! Glad you're having fun and learning along the way. Hugs! :)

Avery Beck said...

Cool! Love the pics!

Lexi said...

Thanks, ladies!