Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Xochicalco Y Mas

Okay, as promised here are more pics of Xochicalco, the archeological site about 50 minutes from where I am. For more details on the actual site, visit my examiner page. In short, it was hot and exhausting but I loved it.

This week, my body is still rebelling some against the diet, but not so much. (BUT I LOVE the food!) It comes and goes. I'm trying to drink more water to be healthier. I now have 2 more students in my class, a woman with 2 kids who all happen to be staying in the same house with me, and a man from New York. Luckily, we all have that deer in the headlights look at times and it's actually been kind of fun. Although I do miss having las maestras all to myself. I'm starting to feel more comfortable here and I'm speaking more. I'm also understanding more. Even the older girl in my Mexicana familia says I'm talking more in Spanish this week.

As for my writing life, I've started my first editing job and plan to get a whole bunch today and I've been reading a new book. I had to send in picture of myself for the Daphne awards party at RWA Nationals. I HATE pictures of me, but I did find one other people like and I sent it in. I was going to make it my profile pic here, but unfortunately, I can't get it uploaded. What do you think?

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