Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, Yeah

And the book? I've been working on it a bit the last couple of nights, but I get exhausted and decide to go to sleep. I'm SOOOOO close to being ready enough to send it to my CPs (notice I didn't say done) and I HAVE to get it to them! I can't have it hanging over my head because I want to be able to focus on Mexico and writing my blog posts and examiner articles. Oh, and what else? I got my first editing job and I've got 2 weeks to do it. So, here's my goal for all to read: I WILL finish my manuscript enough so I can send it to my CPs by the time I go to bed on Thursday. That way I'll have 11 nights (after my homework, extra studies and fun time with the familia Mexicana) to do my 1st official editing job. Hmmm, when will I ever get to READ for pleasure again????

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