Saturday, November 24, 2007

Insanity Revisited...With A Smile

I've read 2 books in 3 days. I've got 2 more days of Thanksgiving vacation left. It's time to get writing.

My goal/ plan/ decision is to spend all of Saturday writing. One day. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a Book-In-A-Week and I know I couldn't have handled that NaNoWriMo. But surely I can handle one day. One 24 hour period (less, actually if you think about it. I've got to eat, sleep, shower.) So later today, Saturday, November 24, I'm going to write the first draft of my first scene for the new suspense. Yes, I've been toying with different ideas for it for a few days now, but today I'm going to throw caution to the wind and give my new characters a chance to show me what they've got. If the writing is too difficult, too stilted and I get too frustrated, then I'll know that I still need more of a break. If the words fly onto the page (like I'm kind of feeling they might), then I'll know I'm ready to take the reins of my career again. Caitlin and I will be back in business!

Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: 11:30 a.m. Well, I didn't sleep as much or as well as I thought I would. And I didn't start writing as soon as I thought I would. BUT it's going very well! I've probably only been writing for about an hour and I already have 3 pages PLUS lots of ideas floating! I'm just taking a hot chocolate break before getting back to it. Catch you later!


Tez Miller said...

What are you doing up at nearly 2AM? Your writer's brain needs sleep! ;-)

Who's Caitlin, may I ask?

Have a lovely day! :-)

Lexi said...

Tez, I'm really a night person. It's only the day job that keeps me getting up early.

Caitlin is my writing muse. Yes, I named her. Usually we have pretty good relationship! Hopefully today too. (I'm gathering my music for my day of writing, then I'll have breakfast and THEN I'll get started writing.)

monika_schulze said...

Good luck! May the Muse Mother herself bless your endeavor. Or is that the Mother of all Muses?
Anyhoo, what a great day for staying in and curling up with a warm computer and people whose motivations and aspirations are not only understandable, but completely within your power. (Insert evil laugh here.)
Hope you have enough coffee and/or beer to fuel the mission. Good luck again.
P.S. What is Tez doing up at 3AM???

Lexi said...

Ah, thanks, Monika! As for Tez, she's on the other side of the world in Australia. So 3 a.m. Saturday here is like 3 p.m. Saturday there.

I have a 6 pack of Smithwick's in the fridge, but I'm also going to my stebrother's house where there is much more beer and other people to drink it with! Don't worry. I still plan to write while I'm there!

Nita Wick said...

With the update, it sounds like you're making progress. :)

Keep it up!

Lexi said...

Thanks, Nita! Your well wishes must've done the trick!