Sunday, November 18, 2007


Not much to tell. I'm over my immediate frustration of not enough Cash (Scott Elrod) time. For now I just rewind the scenes he's in and play them over and over.

I've spent a couple hours so far (with a couple more coming up) getting caught up on grading. I'm planning a couple more to start getting myself a bit ahead. My goal is to have everything I can done by Tuesday night so that I can truly enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. (We have a half day on Tuesday and right now I'm planning to stay for a full day and finish up a bunch of things-progress reports, lesson plans for the last few weeks before Christmas, letters home.

I'm still reading Lisa Gardner's The Killing Hour. It's good and I love reading it. I just don't have the time to sit for hours and do nothing but read yet. (Wednesday I will, though!) I admire those of you who can read 2 or 3 books at once. I tried it. I can't. I have to read one book and finish it before I start another. (Come to think of it, I'm like that in many aspects of my life. Hhhmm, what does that say about me?)

If you're bored and looking for an educational way to procrastinate, Michelle Willingham (awesome historical writer) has a link on her blog today to a vocabulary game. It's very addictive!

I'm critiquing a manuscript by my writing buddy Cat Schield. She's been winning and finaling in contests left and right lately. It's very good, but again I don't have the hours I'd like to just sit here and read.

My friend Monika is new to the blogging world and could use some encouragement to keep updating. Check her out!

I'm still doing my 100 words a day. I still haven't missed a day. Elisabeth Naughton, who got me into this challenge (I caved to the peer pressure!), is still working on her version of the challenge too.

Have a good rest of the weekend! I'm off to check on my Patriots.


monika_schulze said...

Thanks for another mention in your blog, but what if people actually go to my site and check it out? Very scary. It's much easier to write when I don't think anyone is reading. So, to all Lexi's friends, readers and supporters. DON'T LISTEN TO HER.
But thanks anyway! Haha.

Good luck on getting everything done. Happy Thanksgiving.

Crystal said...

I am on my way to check Monika's site out RIGHT NOW!;0)

Lexi said...

Aw, Monika, they're nice people. I promise! Like Crystal. She's just as sweet as pie!

Crystal said...

Hey Lexi, just to let you know I did visit Monika's site! I really love her writing and the way she tells her opinion of things, if that makes any sense...Thanks for letting us in bloggerville know she was out there!!
Have a good evening.