Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm out! I'm free! I have no teacher responsibilities for the next FIVE days!

We had our annual Thanksgiving feast today and my schedule is set up so I have very little teaching time on Tuesday mornings. So I had a very easy day. Once the meal was done, the kids were mostly gone and the cafeteria was cleaned, I went back to my classroom and...worked. Yep, I debated for a little while whether I wanted to stay or go in on Sunday. As much as I didn't want to stay today, I knew I'd NEVER drag my butt in on Sunday. So I stayed and took care of some stuff for next week. I brought a bit home, but very little. I truly want to enjoy this break.

From work, I stopped at the bookstore because it's been a couple of weeks since I went. Maybe longer. I love Christmas themed stories, so I have to get them while I can, right? The last couple of years I've bought a few Christmas stories, didn't finish all of them so I packed the unread ones up for the next year. It's like an early Christmas present!

I only bought 2 books this time. (I'm being good, aren't I?) A Harlequin Intrigue that sounded cool and a Christmas story. Okay, the Intrigue (Colby Rebuilt by Debra Webb) has nothing to do with Christmas, but I like the author, the story sounds interesting and it's a suspense. So technically, it could be research. Right?

The other book (A Spirit of Christmas by Margot Early) is a Christmas story and it's supposed to be another version of A Christmas Carol. That is my FAVORITE story so I jump at any chance to read, watch and analyze any version. How about you? Are you the type to read and really enjoy Christmas stories?

There are no big plans for the rest of the day. Finish reading Lisa Gardner's The Killing Hour, write my 100 words for the day, watch TV (Yes, I might even watch a few Cash moments!) and plan my next few days off!


Crystal said...

I wanted to ask you if you read anything by Nora Roberts??

Hope you enjoy your time off, I know my kids will. They get to come to work with me tomorrow to harass me...Karma, I say!!

Anyway, have a good evening;)

Tez Miller said...

I hate Christmas stories. I hate Christmas music. I hate how the hopping centres are so busy because of bloody Christmas. I'm not a happy Tezzy :-(

Yay for getting days off! My mother's a teacher, but she only kind of gets a day off today - she and the other teachers in the state are striking in the city.

Have a lovely day! :-)

Lexi said...

Actually, Crystal, I've read one Nora book. I can't deny the amazing things she's done in her career and the buzz about her, but her stories don't appeal to me.

Lexi said...

Oh, Tez, I'm so sorry you don't get into the Christmas spirit! That is my favorite time of the year, although my immediate family doesn't like it either. My mom keeps threatening to boycott Christmas and go away to a tropical island for Christmas. Good riddance! Then I can enjoy the holiday with other like-minded individuals around me!

Crystal said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, they don't appeal to me either. This past weekend though we watched a movie that was based on one of her suspense books and thought I would ask..

Lexi said...

Was the movie any good???