Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, Maybe Not

Yeah, that exit I thought I found out of the box didn't pan out. Oh well. I'm looking at it this way. My AWESOME new characters have given me three excellent book beginnings so far. And none of them fits. BUT a combination does fit AND leaves me with room to travel onto the next chapter.

I have a tendency to write over-the-top action scenes. Great action scenes, but with no logical motivation. In the last few years, I've learned to identify this problem (with the help of an editor) and work through it (by writing the contemps which made me focus more on goal, motivation and conflict). As great as those three scenes were as single pieces of writing, I knew they wouldn't work as book beginnings. So I stepped back, thought logically (those of you who know me stop laughing!) and I'm excited to spend a good chunk of my weekend with the new combined and carefully planned opening scene. My goal is to get the editor and the reader sucked into my story. For this to happen, I've got to pull out all the stops starting on page one!


Kristen Painter said...

You know, Peter Dunne (TV producer and screenwriting teacher/book author) says you should always know your end so you can write to it. Have you tried that? Writing to an end? It might help you know where you're going.

Or not. lol

Crystal said...

Hey sweet, I don't know if this would help you, seeing as how i'm NOT a writer, but what about finding some help through movies? I know that sounds corny but maybe if you whatch a couple of suspense movies or read some other books, it may give you the "A-HA" you need??

Lexi said...

Kristen, I usually do know the ending. This time I'm not sure yet. I've got some ideas for the rest of the book. I just have to sit down and actually plot it out and make it all make sense. I'll get there!

Lexi said...

No, Crystal, that would not work. Why? Because I'd get so engrossed in movie watching that I'd forget about writing!