Friday, August 13, 2010

All Right! Enough Complaining!

I'm a writer, damn it! I am a professional. There is no "I don't feel like writing" anymore. I gave up that luxury when I decided that I would get published. I have to leave my own emotions out of this and get the book done. I have my own deadline and I have to stick as close to that as possible because I have a new book to write in September/October and then another one in November. I cannot afford to stomp my feet, pout and pump my fists while I say, "It's too hard!" If I want to go for gold, I need to train like a champion!


Anonymous said...

Da DaDa DaDa Da Da (that's the Eye of the Tiger theme if you couldn't tell :) ) Go, go, go!

Gary said...

Sure, get the snot beat out of ya and go around yellin' "Adian! Adrian!"

Stick with Jason, much classier :o)

Lexi said...

RBN, thanks! It's slow going, but I LOVE what I'm doing in revisions.

LOL, Gary! And yes, I'll GLADLY stick with Jason.

Susye said...

Go Lexi! Glad revisions are going well. Hang in there and keep typing! You can do it!