Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Job That Wasn't

In my search for a new job I've been applying everywhere I can, for anything I'm qualified to do. This included applications for teaching English in other countries. Now, in the space of 24 hours, this all happened:

Applied for a job in Mexico
Got an email asking to set up a phone interview
Responded of course!
Researched the school and that part of Mexico
Asked fluent Spanish speaking friends to help
Had the interview and loved everything about the program
Plotted and planned ways to make it happen
Called property manager to see if I could get a renter for my house while I'm away
Sent email with more questions to the person who interviewed me
Talked to several level-headed friends for opinions
Decided I probably can't take the job

It would be a great experience, but there are too many "what ifs" and financially it's too tight right now. I'd already made plans to go to Scotland for Hogmanay (New Year's) and there's already a non-refundable down-payment. I can't do both. Plus, when I come back from Mexico, I'd be in the exact same position: unemployed and wondering where my next mortgage payment was coming from. (Ok, not quite THAT bad, but you get the idea.) I hope to hear back from the school concerning my other questions. But unless there's a miracle I probably will decline the offer. I do intend, though, to ask if I may check back with them at a later date, when my finances aren't so dodgy, and see if they need me. In the meantime, I'm still applying for jobs, still intend to attend substitute orientation and still intend to edit. I'm working on my books too. What keeps me from getting too depressed is that I had a job offer for a place I really wanted to work for! So, it's not impossible and eventually the right offer for the right job will come at the right time.


Nancy Karnoski said...

Chris, it's my humble opinion, if you really want to do something you have to embrace it wholeheartedly. Sell the house and get rid of the mortgage. Take the job and tell them Scotland was already arranged and is part of the deal. It sounded like you really wanted to take this job. Go for it,girl!

Lexi said...

Nancy, thanks for your comments. I'm not willing to sell the house and the initial contract was only for 10 weeks. If they liked you and you liked them then you might be able to stay longer. Normally, I agree with you, but this time I think I made the right decision for me at this time.

Gary said...

You're right Lexi. If it was me, I'd tell them I'm an experienced teacher not a new college grad. It would have to be for a year contract at an experienced teacher's rate. And the Scotland trip is part of the deal.

Deal or no deal, that's my final answer.

But then, that's easy for me to say!